Written by: Walayee Poet Lay Whitlock-Ishway

You live life tit for tat.
Damn, I wish you'd "tat" me back! Just once...
Be there for me
As I have been for you.
When it counts
Why must things always "FALL" through?
Here's friendship lesson 101...
Hopefully, you'll get it before I'm done.
Try going out of your way
Without being asked
Try being selfless in this task
There will be no tangible reward or recognition
Gratification is in giving
Listen with non -judgmental ears
As I express my craziness
My pain and
My darkest fears
Please keep those hyper-critical opinions to yourself
Bite your tongue...
I'll let you know when it's okay to share
And remember... at least pretend you care.
Open your mind
Be grateful sometimes
Be happy when I shine!
Stop turning up your nose
Deeming others "GHETTO"
Based on stereotypes
You know nothing of their struggle or strife
Or how they live
Or what battles they fight
Stop listening to the hype 
You might be surprised
By who and what you
Kill your selfishness 
Choke your pride 
Hear my plead
Embrace it in stride
Now, YOU decide!
I have NO desire or need for Frienemies
We can be Friends 
Or we can be enemies...

Got a guilty conscience wondering if this poem's about you?
If you can relate then it's probably true.
Just thought you should know
Cause that's what real friends do.