A June Flower

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

At first it was only a seed. I said to myself, maybe this is something that I need. I took it home with me and with soil that I had - I planted there my seed. I nursed it with love and water that fell from heaven. Everyday I would check on it, until one day, I saw a sprout. I gave thanks to God, He was also doing His part. I gave it tender loving care, made sure it got water and sunshine too. It made me very happy as I was watching my flower grow. It was June when she came to life. One day she was all grown and I couldn't love her more. It was my daughter, that I would love forever more. She was born the 23 of June. Those are the memories that I can never forget... Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo This is for Joann Grisetti's contest June Memories