By and by

Written by: mandy klein

Day by day
I watch them as they pass by
Growing shorter with each sunset
The sun rises with daytime fading
Before my eyes the lights gone to soon

Night by night
I notice them quickly come upon me
Announcing the end of another day
Thru the darkness all is still and quiet
It feels like life has stopped
In the nightime hours

Time by time
Take a moment to take a breath
Where has the time gone, where has it went
When I can't get it back
I must take the time ahead well I still can

Inch by inch
I attempt to get this or that done
Yet I'm not moving forward
If anything I'm going backwards
I try to find a place, I can be in

One by one
I lose track of all of it
In such a hurry to get it all done
I then forget what I need most
I am becoming a stranger to myself

Part by part
I have mis-taken for important things
I write out what I want, think I need
I list how things should be
My life is written, even if it's not right

Piece by piece
I see myself going the wrong way
My thoughts and feelings are
Are not the true ones