Written by: mandy klein

such heartache
I feel so often
Can't forget never will
It lingers a reminder
so deep inside
I can't run, i can't hide

Endless lies
Broken solence,unheard secrets
Scream aloud, hidden misery
Shows itself after all
The pain it caused
To longlingly

Lost dreams
So hopelessly wasted away
Thrown aside,no purpose
I'll find,no heart,no soul
Given up everything

Loss of grip
Open hand slipped out
Drops carelessly, can't catch
Precious things,once important
Every part,shattered pieces
Unfixable now

Weeping cries
Sadden cries,fallen tears
Pouring down, intence sorrow
Fills inside,taking over
Everything now, leaving nothing
Within me

Gather more
Agony added inside me
Until all I am
Is hollow and empty
Nothing else will ever change
This I will remain