Who's Untouchable Now

Written by: Jodie Williams

For days you let me drown beneath a harsh torrential rain
Until "I'll give you once last chance, don't mess it up again"
These words ignite an extinct flame, it only took this spark
To make me turn and wonder who the hell you think you are.

A little laugh escapes me, this fuels exasperation
For you must think I'm still the girl so weak with desperation
I had to let you break me, believed callousness was truth
Why did I want this cruelty? Why did I even want you?

The storms you forecast for me, brewed to cause me strife
Seeped inside my deathlyness, brought me back to life
It forced me to remember just exactly who I am
I found myself again the day you turned your back and ran.

I swear you will regret this, my one and final 'chance' 
I'll show you what it takes to be a playa with big plans
I promise you I won't mess up, of that I have no doubt
I'll make damn sure you want me back....

.....but guess who's untouchable now?