Trapped Inside

Written by: Carmen Castro

Sometimes I think that I'm insane 
Trapped inside my lonely brain 
Only trained to stay in pain 
 In my mind things stay the same  
Nothing intrigues me the whole worlds lame 
Crazy thoughts consume my brain 
Trapped in thoughts no sign of time 
Feeling like I'm left behind 
Implanted with this negative seed 
I doubt that I will ever succeed 
I long to burst out from this bubble of pain 
And free my self from my poisoned brain 
Nothing to lose, so much to gain 
To see the beauty in this world 
To get rid of this heavy shell 
This heavy shell that slows me down 
That keeps my head bowed to the ground 
That makes me feel like I'm in hell 
Please someone free me from this somber spell 

By Carmen Castro