Room 56

Written by: Richard Palmer

From my balcony there is much to behold,
From cruise ships,visitors pouring into Jamaica,
young, middle aged and the old,
Different shapes,colour and style of dressing,
To Ocho Rios the pier is truly a blessing,
Smooth white sand and crystal clear blue sea,
Jamaican girls in straw hats and bath-suits,
entertaining under tents and coconut trees,
Tourist swimming,dancing,being massaged,
or just tanning,enjoying the sun and tropical breeze,
Taking tours on glass bottom boats or just
 riding the sea on jet skis,
 Surrounded by Jamaica Grand,Rooms,Sand Castle,
Turtle Towers and Fisherman Point,
This I believe is truly, one of Jamaicas favourite tourist joint......

From my balcony,Room 56,Fishermans Point.....