Do You Love Self

Written by: Franklin Goode

Do You Love Self?

I have always loved self.  Self was my first love. No one can ever take self’s place.
Self know how to make me happy.  We go places, that I have never been. Always was my best friend.

Recently, self has been acting strange, noticing others more than me. I am displeased. I asked self, why are you doing these things to me? Self does not know why, and is afraid to lie.

I think, we need to re-evaluate our relationship. If we are going to continue this way. What am I going to tell the family? My friends? The neighbors? This problem is bigger than I thought.

Who can I ask for help. After all, everyone loves self.  I know, I will give self one more chance. And if it doesn’t work out, I will find me a new self.  Self! It time for us to have a serious talk.

Self! Do you love me?  Of course I do. I always have, and I always will. Now! Go to sleep and stop dreaming…