Never Be Replaced

Written by: Marianne Nolido

for all the times we were together, i never said I LOVE YOU.
but am i too late to say "i still need you"?
sometimes i want to follow what my heart's trying to dictate.
but it seems my mind cant follow and imitate.

i want to let you know how i feel.
but i cant explain everything that's real.
I've moved on,but i guess i forgot to let go.
maybe i was scared to let my feelings flow.

i never wanted to hurt you.
i didn't give up on you, i just didn't know what to do.
as long as i can remember, hurting you was the hardest thing.
maybe to you now, I'am nothing.

If only i can read your mind.
i hope i'll know what you're longing to find.
it was me who was afraid to risk.
was that my one last chance that i just missed?

Our story that didn't last.
A chance that was blown and just passed.
the feeling that's trap in a maze,
always remembering the song entitled "never be replaced".