Summer Light

Written by: Marianne Nolido

Memories swept in,
All the "what could have been"
A smile, A laugh & all those merry cheers.
distance, time & those unwanted tears.

Amidst the reality & darkness,
We still carried each others weakness.
We came out alive, barely breathing.
 we swore to ourselves we'll continue dreaming.

I'll be away too long,
But this friendship won't decay, it will stay strong.
I can hardly seem to find you,
And in this mediocre life, I'll still be beside you.

High school  was the best years, we say.
While college life, things have to go their opposite way.
But our friendship will be kept as a mystery,
And dear friend, it was quiet a  wonderful journey.

Now is a way toward a new chance,
nothing can change by just a mere glance.
Hail the sky and the flames of sunset,
Lasting friendships & Summer lights, I hope there won't be any regrets.