Lifes Lessons

Written by: Chandelle Bird

Even in the darkest hour, a tiny light still seems to shine.

It's not as bright as the subtle moon light but it's still only a matter of time.

One of the lights is dying to shine and it’s a mirror of what I will become.

As this is more than life's good dream, it's the dream of something that I've never done.

I'm better than some but not as good as others, and I'm really not worried at all.

For I had a dream of my future one time a dream where I didn't even fall.

It's not about the things you own or how much most of it cost.

It's more so about what you have in life and whether or not you've been lost.

So here I sit alone today wondering what might or could have been.

Although it’s not exactly how I had planned but it reflects on everything I’ve seen.

So here’s to life and its every lesson, for teaching me such marvelous things.

Yet it’s not enough to daydream or feel mesmerized by beautiful shiny new rings

I will not take for granted the good things I have or the things I don’t really need.

Although I wish I had more, I’m much better off than to be filled with hatred and greed.

I have seen the world from a whole different view, and it’s worse than some people believed.

So I can say from my past that it wasn’t quite fun but in the end, I’m happy to say I’m relieved.