My Prayer

Written by: Chandelle Bird

In the darkness of my sorrows, there’s a light dying to shine.

There’s more to my sadness than I ever imagined and it happened over such a long time.

There isn’t much I haven’t done and nothing that held me back, except the one thing I held on to for reasons unexplained.

When something held me back a step, it left me feeling somewhat ashamed.

But I want to soar above the rest and I want to show that I can do my best.

I can’t express the pain I feel because it’s not just in my heart.

It’s more than I ever wanted so I’m not even going to start.

I look to my friends and family for the moral support I need but then sometimes I just can’t help but feel like I’m filled with greed.

I know sometimes it’s ok to ask but I hate to be a pain, but then there are times I have no choice and I ask them yet again.

I have lost my independence and I vow to get it back.

I just might be a little happier once it’s there and I’m back on track.

I beg God for his guidance and to help me find the way.

I ask for one thing I don’t have now, it’s the happiness I had one day.