My Rain

Written by: Chandelle Bird

There are some boys, who stole my heart quite some time ago.

I ‘ve watched them learn so many things, such a joy to watch them grow.

They’ve seen some things they shouldn’t have and been through so much more.

It’s hard to say how they feel inside, like trying to open a barricaded door.

I’ve done some things they may not remember but I still feel the pain.

With all the pain I shared with loved ones, they didn’t deserve my rain.

I woke one morning and saw the light shining down on me.

I couldn’t help but wonder how long before I was free.

Free from evil, so much I had sinned.

So much I felt like I was dying within.

It’s been so long since that time back then.

I never want it to happen again.

Today I sit and remember the days.

Thankful they’ve simply parted their ways.

I can’t believe some of the things I’ve done.

I did it in spite just to have fun.

Now it all seems clear to me, the fun I had was just a game.

It was like Russian roulette with my life, without a gun it was still the same.

The mistakes I’ve made they helped me to learn.

I’ve become much stronger to have the life I yearn.