I Seek You

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson

It's my loneliest day,  I seek you out and finally find you.

I see you near reaching out with open arms I don't hold back.

This time I do not want to waste one ounce of your time.

The crying of the souls haunt me, I wipe their tears from me.

I find I own nothing, only the souls that are precious wandering.

Try to hear them, their cries of pain, sorrow, heartache and loss.

The cries make it impossible for me to ever be the same again.

All these years I have not forgotten their cries, of painful pasts.

To love them is more than I can and I am but I give them all of it.

I hope they have become a bright shinning star lighting the skies.

Maybe they will shine down on me, forgiving the one which is me.

Dedicated To All Abused Children Alive and Dead.