One or Seven Too Many

Written by: Caleb Smith

Oh drunken pen!
how fun you are to hold...both of you
but why do you move about so?
is it because of this bottle...these bottles beside me? irish...could have been 10 for all I know

this fire's really nice
tho its hot
i'm sittin too close
cause its dark and I can't see crap
trying to write on tilted paper in my lap

my dog is beside me
she looks tired
maybe its that whiskey I gave her sure its that whiskey I gave her...sorry Zee

my wife says don't be givin you liqour
that's cool
you like beer more anyway
I like a happy combination of the two
maybe I had that tonight...did you?

oh drunken pen...
pour out your hazy dreams
in the stillness of my empty glass
while I await
my own hazy dreams to pass

*for the drunken pen contest...and let me tell you...I went all out for it. It may be a variation of drunken pen. Is there a hammered pen?