Written by: Mario Colic

I woke up in the desert,
No body around
Nor trees, 
Nor ground.
Only sand, till the world’s end

Just with scarf and hat,
Until  and after  the sunset,
Step by step,
My feet are heavy, 
My feet are weak,
They are sinking deep,
 before taking a leap.
No sleep, nowhere to hide,
With stars as only guide,
It’s a helpless ride.

I see water,
I see it everywhere,
But tide is pulling it away.
Towards despair, into dust,
As wind is getting stronger,
creating a gust.
Sandstorm on its way,
Its time to say hi, oh why oh why?

Step by step
Against the storm,
Against the wind,
Against the sand,
On forsaken part of the land,
With only scarf, and ripped hat,
Formal introduction is not required,
Desert and I already met,
B**** is making me tired.

Step by step,
Sand creeping in everywhere,
Yes, even there!

But I cannot stop,
I have to go!
Over the dunes
To the world’s end,
If I stop, nobody will find me,
Footsteps here, are quickly covered by sand.
They blend in, like no one was ever  there,