Cleansed by Water

Written by: Ian Petch

A dark embrace, quiet and cold
Born to sink into this mould
The earth a path of perfect distress
Of wolves and sheep, I was made to confess

So empty then, in playful repent
Such guilt in awe of all that I spent
All protest thrown into the sea
My spirit drowned by the monster in me

Then reborn, as silent as sin
A broken storm, a chaotic thing
Creating pain; scorching this world
The ocean’s cries going unheard

Casting stones at evil’s request
Into the pain my mirror detests
Her empty face; the lessons I fought
How many lost; how many sought?

Broken then, seeking despair
Designed to die; created to share
To fade alone, I sought barren lands
The winter ice then taking my hand

A cracking shell, the ocean beneath
Cleansed by rain encompassing me
A greater depth I’d never known
Awash with pain, but no longer alone

The soul I’d lost, holding me still
Empty before, but now I am filled
Reborn in light; reclaimed by the sea
The ice is gone, and now I am free