No Anger

Written by: Richard Palmer

lying on my beach towel on a wooden bench under a make shift tent,
Staring at the sea rolling gently out to meet the heavens,
I close my eyes,such a relaxing moment,
As the cool evening breeze pulls me deep into slumber,
I hear the faint screams of kids,splashing,enjoying the water,
I hear the quiet roar of the sea, crashing into the shore,
GOSH,this feels great,pulled even deeper,
The smell of fresh sea breeze rushes into my nostril,
Taking a deep breath,I fill my lungs before exhaling,
I feel so comfortable,so peaceful,so out of this world,
No anger,no hate,I don't want to go back,
I want to stay here,living behind closed eyelids
,Suddenly I am jolted from this lovely place,
Where heavens gate opened and I was walking on the streets of gold,
Pulled back to reality by tiny missiles flying through the air,
Stinging my face and half naked body,
Poppled from peace to anger,
I jump to my feet ,ready to unleash,
Only to be calmed, by a beautiful little girl, with a plastic shovel....