Dead of Night

Written by: Michael Domaracki

Dead of Night…

I am talking to myself in the dead of night
Waiting for responses from my shadow
Distant echoes ringing through my brain
Bring me to rise and gaze outside my window

I look for answers, resume the endless search
But I lurch ahead as slow as can be
Unable to grasp and understand the feelings
That only I must be able to see or to feel

I feign loneliness just to get away
To reach a point that seems solid and seems real
So I can understand in my heart and in my head deeply
That you can possibly feel all of the things I feel 

Call me a sensitive little monster
Sweet talk me back into your charm
But I am not half the monster that being a man has made me
I can keep us safe from harm…

But I am talking to myself in the dead of night
Crying out to shadow reflected in soft light
Black to gray to white is the general progression
What else to live for, why else to fight!!
In the Dead of Night…