Hidden Inside You

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

My ink has dumped me
Mesmerized by stupidities
No place to be
No place to let grow--->rancidity

Had a great Idea
Turned out to be no Idea
Humanity gone
Crazy man`s predictions all over the place

Hysterical thoughts
Turning my brain into knots
A giant leap could get me over the canyon
Maybe there I shall find a better companion

If I take one step back
I might get it removed from my track
What await deep down there..?
Whatever it might be,hope we have something to share

Man made scriptures
Turned into man made religions
Humanity starves
We hide the Holy Spirit behind our man made laws

Sorry I am to say
Grass was not greener on the other side
Sorry if it ruined your day,but least I tried
Now..,go home and pray

We may not share the same thought
Nor do we have to..
No matter how much we want to sought
The answers are hidden inside you

Its a responce to a guy who flies around the soupmail,trying to convert my family into Islam.No disrespect towards his faith,rather a responce on his disrespect to mine:-)

May 18th 2012