Destiny's Regret

Written by: Tanya Bunge

Drifting in a dreamy haze
of memories made seeming real
Reluctant to relinquish grasp 
on golden things, long dying. Still...
....Searching for Salvation
in this Opportunic Age
while storing up my dusty hurts
and dirty bits of rage,
I'm ranting rude and shamelessly -
sprouting new abuse.
And using any reason to
No matter how obtuse.

I have growths of pain and horror
climbing walls that don't exist,
and they bloom with poisonous flowers
that not many can resist.
The Endless Wandering Happiness
I never can quite catch,
has trapped me in this broken place -
secured the rusty latch.

Now my Destiny is calling
with his wise and wrinkled head,
that once knew all of everything....

But now begs to forget.