'Sheep' is General

Written by: Tanya Bunge

Sheep is general, as a term
cliched by constant use.
One wonders why the name is used 
as a form of soft abuse.
There's nothing wrong with sheep as such,
they're just not very bright -
But who knows, really, what goes through
their minds when they wake to the light?

Perhaps for sheep it's really rude
not to do as others do.
To be a model citizen means
just NOT being YOU!
Perhaps they've synchronized their thoughts,
and operate as one
An Organism alive in thoughts
on auto, as they seek the sun.

Just maybe, sheep aren't as they seem
to us, who eat their flesh.
With less attention to our bodies,
perhaps OUR minds would mesh.
For physical, as most we are,
our bodies mean a lot -
If we went auto, just like sheep
Would WE care if we're lunch, or not?