Loves Burden

Written by: Stephen Allen

Loves Burden

So strong of body, muscle defying steel
so Stoic of nature, head defying, what the heart might feel

So focused, the path, so well defined
so measured the steps, the ladders he's climbed

She smiled at him, the sun falling on ice
she held him in her arms, a heart skipped twice, thrice

She spoke to him, of mice and men
she changed the course, the best laid plans, of women

What could have been, maybe, maybe still can
what options remain, emprisoned in her plan

He often ponders, what might have been
he struggles with what if's, opportunities unseen

He sinks to lows, never thought of when
he was strong of will, he never needed to pretend

How did a life, go so far astray
how can the cost come due, each and every day

How far off course, how far from home
how can this love burden, one who is so alone.