Written by: Carolyn McGhee

Things didn't work out between you and I,
No matter how utterly hard I tried,
I guess we both wanted different things,
Or was that an excuse to spread your wings?

Warm feelings of love you never did show,
It's a wonder you didn't just get up and go,
In my heart I knew you really weren't there,
I painfully remember trying to force you to care.

I desired your love or some kind of sign,
But to no avail, I was wasting my time,
Words of love are what I craved, of course,
But what I recieved were papers of divorce.

Looking back now, it was for the best,
Constantly putting each other to the test,
What happened to us wasn't all on you,
In so many ways, I share the blame too.

Thank you for doing what I could not do, 
For ending the pain we were going through,
I'm sorry that things turned out this way,
But it's time to move on and start a new day...