Her last breath

Written by: Larissa summitt

fallin into dark disper, screaming and crying why dosent anyone care,
she can feel the knife running deep in her arms, drops of warm blood soon to become bruises and scares,
she has crys everynight by feeling so alone, while her mom drinks it up she is home alone,
Shes had it she done ! she has no hope not even none..she opens the door and runs out the house, whereing nothing only her shorts and a easly see threw blouse,
she heads to the store grabbing tons of pills, then running past her house jugging up a step looking hill..
shes knows what she has to do,
she grabs a handful of pills and swollows them in her mouth, her eyes start geting blury trying take one more glance upon her house, 
She falls to the ground no more weeping no more sorrow, thats it its final its finally over now---Larissa Summitt