The Cleansing Touch

Written by: Judy Radach

There is One Who'll touch you life
    and He will leave His mark
On everyone He touches.
    His touch will change your heart.

He can reach so deep within
   and flush out all those things
That rule your life and keep you bound,
   He'll make your old heart  sing.

The Spirit of our Lord will live
    and work within your soul.
He'll cleanse you from the inside out,
    make your mind and body whole.

Don't worry about the filth and greed
    the lust that's living there.
Our Lord rejoices at the thought 
    of moving in with care.

He'll get in all the corners
    to clean and sweep and dust,
When He's through there'll be no place 
    for filth and greed and lust!

Your heart will be so full of peace 
    and joy and love and light.
Christ will take up residence 
    and live there day and night.