Over the Dream

Written by: Johnathon Souders

Aphrodite is worshiped by a devotion of
a past flesh- self taught to dream of 
a girl's face for my partners music

flowers in freckles with long red hair, naked
for warm lust- for the facts are absent, all
conjured by fickle thoughts

Staring to see, the elusive companion that
contemplates my needy comfortable, as  
I plunge for a lottery needle

Dropping my black magic into a enchanted feast
of temporary- wend on procreation by teen
films and Disney media

A masculine endeavor for two, hold sex down for 
biblical ethical  exemptions , solitude
is the solution of this fix

To sprout a seed, deep in black basic crawling for 
self-light-  moving the soil of souls
warm decaying energy

Sit alone to accept all my demons
"The Dream Is Over"