Dirt Bath Diaries

Written by: Anthony Slausen

gets tiresome=ingenuine..
like a rosary 
wrapped around demon teeth...
sometimes you've gotta shed the satin rabbit
play the beat of a neon lynx
inhale some twilight grit
cork the perfume bottle of your soul
slay something-anything- smooth and subtle
suckle cuts and nicks...
be in your face 
for a day
a dust devil at play
bold as dirty gold
(a shark painting shadows on the shoal) 
slashing dreams to the bone
...pump'em hard boy
make'em scream, make'em bleed
leaving shards of self upon urban reefs
slinging homemade dice
against the black bricks of midnight
smoke some tender thighs
with the magic wand of desire
playing dominos with rusted hearts 
grease the soul with halo grime
toking away father's precious time
tango with a cheshire smile...
uncork your champagne god 
from his bubbly pod
gleen the living from the pyre....
sometimes you've gotta
take a dirt bath
to come clean.