Just Do It

Written by: Tom Larrow

I got my nickname in first grade
My memory of this will never fade

I'm 6 years old a whole world to see
mom says there's kids to play with me

I wonder if my friends will be there
Maybe they will save me a chair

I'm there now sitting in a school room
My friends aren't there I think I'm doomed

I'm sitting by a girl in the front row
She smiled at me, why?  I don't know

Then I felt it start, to my surprise
that funny feeling you get deep inside

You feel like a balloon about to burst
not now, please, let me put it in reverse

The harder I tried, the worse it gets
Think they will mind if I release it

If I let it go slow so they won't hear
Maybe, they won't smell it or shed a tear

It's to late, must let it go, it's just not fair
A loud long blast is coming from my chair

I closed my eye hoping nobody heard
then came that smell, it's like rotten curd

I open my eyes willing to face my fears
I see their holding their noses and in tears

Teacher asked me, Steve do you need to leave
The kids snicker, as they shout Stinky Steve

pooping contest :-) ((Don't Ask to go to the bathroom!)) 

entry 5-16-2012