Written by: Debbie Duncan

" M " is for Emia 
She came into my life 
On a bright sunny day 
Fluttered around my page 
Just like a heavenly butterfly 
She had a thing for the redheads
Maybe cause she was one of them 
Said I should join, I'd be welcome there 
I said I really can't do that,, I'm not a redhead
Though my sister and brother are true redheads
She liked the form of the female body, as I do 
Had a sensual free flowing spirit about her 
She was a delicate flower floating along  on a
Golden leaf against a sunny blue sky  above
In her secrets she carried life with in her storms
She filled the emptiness with love and life 
In her words she carried love to all she knew 
Then God called her home on this day   
Though we shall me up again one day 

My friend Emma passed 5/ 10 / 2012
She was born with bad heart, she was 30 yrs old !