Window Pane

Written by: Caleb Smith

I wipe away the film from
My own clouded eyes
So I may see more clearly
The state of my demise
The window of my life
Has a pane that goes around it
And everyday it's painted
By those who haven't found it
I can see through my window
Many times it's clear
But I can't change, what's inside
The voices I can't hear
This pane, I want to break it
Remove it from the glass
That keeps me on the other side
Of my wretched past
If I could reach through this window
Into my deepest fears
Would I grasp what lives there
Unwelcome all these years
Or accept it, as it is
Pretend...that I don't care
That life isn't about me
And what is and isn't fair
For I know now
That just as clouds come with rain
The window of life doesn't come
Without some window pain