The Call

Written by: keisha davis

Voices ringing throughout my ear
Some far, and surely some near
But this distinguished sound is what I can’t s.
top seeming to hear.
So I seek to know, vision of the seer
And I peek
Through opportunities window
From where does the sound appear
Distinct it is.
And it’s calling me
It keeps drawing me
Amongst other sounds.
Like a resounding gong or a clinging cymbal
An irritation to my ears as they all resemble.
Hearing these tunes time and time again 
Luring sounds of sin.
And I think, there’s one distinct
For it comes in the night and it whistles
And in light, it draws me nigh, sweet whispers
Saying come out from amongst them
And the pitch grows louder.
The false alarms began to perish
I cherish the ring throughout my ear
Persuaded by the pursuing and its gentle wooing
I am choosing to be still
Amongst the multitude of clanging bells 
Not ringing true.
But this one is real. 
Caught In between wonder and expectations thrill
It’s beckoning at my soul
That it may become my hearts seal
My hearts seal.
For it, I have adored and longed
Becoming day to day pierced by the sound of it’s song
Distinct it is
Not only to listen I must respond
Fading out the rest, for it is beyond
So I look closer through the windows screen 
I let what I hear intervene
As I open my window.
Heaven’s sound.
The love I found
As I answered the call.