She's My Inspiration

Written by: robert johnson

What cha thinkin' now?
Keepin' up with the latest thought.
Did  you hear the last thing that she said?
Dialing for emotions on a broken down old set.
I could spend forever there in her eyes.
I think together we could sort out the lies.
I'm mezmorized, kind of surprized.
She put on the charm, bypassed my alarm.
Tacked on the back a sweet little prize.
Not her best, she's like the rest.
Gets put to the test.
Three times yours out, but I just got past first.
Not for me to say, I'm dieing of thirst.
Thank you for the soul parade.
That's when they'll say you've got it made.
Post script each line trying to explain.
While basking in the sunshine and rain.
She's a magic  taste of honey.
Now she has all her own money.
And the world is showing her a brand new view.
As I sit and wallow in my heart so blue.
Thinking of her, but I don't know what to do.

PS  I wrote this listening to Sheryl Crows Globe Sessions CD for the first time.