Written by: Debbie Duncan

I seen him again today 
It was the way it used to be
Or I thought I seen it that way 
He touched me there like before 
It took me to the deep dark place 
Though it wasn't the way I remembered 
How does depression feel on a person 
I don't know , how would I truly know 
Is it when someone cuts deep in the skin 
I always thought that was a call to be noticed 
Though I would never do such a horrible thing  
Only because I'm to chicken to feel the pain  
I saw my father for the first time at seventeen 
He was pretty much how my mother described
I wasn't sure how to feel or react as we were driving 
Or even what kind of conversation to have with him 
My first thought's were "why" did he leave me behind 
Then I thought does it even matter to me about the answer 
Or does he even care about how many times I woke up crying 
Does he want to know if I take drugs or drink or smoke weed 
Or even if I'm a virgin or not, and does he even care about that 
I'll be going back to school next week where I can be me again 
My mom will be alone again,, I feel sad , but I can't stay home 
I want to do the right thing for her, but I want to make me happy 
I watch my friends at parties as they are taking their drugs 
I wish my life was more like the movies where things end happy 
And the angels swoop down and rescues everyone like me