My Beloved TechnoProphet

Written by: Evee Huervana van der Walt

You predicted long ago that the mouse
will shrink and lose its tail.
But it will definitely keep its click.  
So who wants a big, tailed mouse now? 
You rightly forecasted that Steve would rise
from the ashes and in pure retribution
pick up an apple, hurl it up into the sky -
to reach heights much higher 
than the Burj Dubai. The apple did fly!

But Steve’s pancreas wouldn’t let him see
his apple plummeting back into the sea.
Is the apple unable to defy 
a dual-core gravity?
You said windows will eventually crack
somewhere in the middle 
because Andy will stealthily creep in -
tap on the windows’ cracks 
and cause it to splinter.
Shhhh… we know now they are just trying
to keep it together.
You said who would want to stroke a pad
when one can embrace a galaxy?   
After all, you promised -- 
a gorilla will be very very sturdy. 
My beloved Technoprohet
Any more revelations? 
For here I am so eagerly anticipating
outpourings of your prophecies.