Written by: Aseem Desai

The world around us is like a mirror, it shows reflections of what lies within,
the virtuous see good and the wicked see sin.
The world looks colorful and bright when there's joy in ones heart, but when ones sad the world looks gloomy, desperate, ready to fall apart..
Peace to the peaceful, Pain to the pained,fun to the happy and routine to the trained, is what the world seems as one might agree..
Then why cant each one of us be like a mirror for everyone to see?
I would become you, you would become me, as beautiful as ugly..
There would be no hate, no suspicion, there would be no envy..
One wouldn't read in a newspaper 'i killed me'
peace would prevail, understanding as well..truth would be inside everything we see..like an image of god in a mirror, inside of you inside of me..would that make the world a better place to be in or our reflection much better to see..
Reflect upon that..