A New World


I was standing on the shores of the sparkling sea 
When I saw a new world that looked beautiful to me
It's a world that lies beyond my eyes
As I gaze at it my imagination flies 

It appeared like a story in a magical book
I really wondered what the inside would look
Then I saw flying cars
that were reaching for the stars...

I saw trains floating on water
And the spaceships you could charter
I marvelled at it all and was amazed
with all the technology that left me dazed

The one pill that cured all diseases
So that man’s suffering ceases
Helping generations live in peace 
and all worldly worries cease 

I wish we can visit the world one day
but to get there we must find a way
I hope there is enough there for us to live on
so that we could thrive even if the world we live in is gone

Benedict(8 years)
for the contest  A New world