The Finer Things

Written by: Mark Russell

The finer things you can always receive,
It not what you think but what you perceive.
The things you want can come to you,
If to yourself you always remain true.

The finer things I haven’t gotten yet.
The future unfolds with what you’ll get.
It shall be yours to have and behold,
The story still remains, to be told.

The finer things can happen to you.
Hold them close to your heart and be true.
They come in time though you may wait,
All you dream of can become your fate.

The finer things shall become all you see,
They become a part of both you and me.
They were there for you to discover,
They can be found in a friend or lover.

The finer things become what I long,
Though life seems like the same old song.
Cherish what you have and you may get,
The finer things have not happened yet.