Baboon Picnic

Written by: Patrick Maitland

So long troop, it’s a lovely day
I am going for a picnic at Buffel’s Bay.
No need to pack, the foods in that car
That will come down the hill and park, not far
From the beach, not far from the sea
With food that’s delicious, and served up to me.

When they’ve set up their table, and laid out their food
They will probably think that I’m awfully rude
They will probably think I’m an unruly beast
When I sit on their chair, and enjoy their feast.

The food will be tasty, and quick to go
While they stare and they glare through the car window.
I like their beer, but prefer their wine
But you can’t be fussy, if you don’t pay to dine.

I just can’t wait for the next sunny day
To meander down to Buffel’s Bay
To enjoy a picnic that’s set out for me
While they glare through their window so helplessly