Written by: Patrick Maitland

A new day looks like a bride
With fields of snow so virgin white
That the pristine landscape
Should not be raped by footprints

In the clear crisp air
Nature is everywhere
There is no fog or haze
To disfigure the beauty in our gaze

Icicles please
As they hang sparkling from trees
Down their side the droplets run
Glistening in weak Winter sun 

It is a Jekyl and Hyde season
Changing from storm to lull for no reason
Although it brings the ice and sleet
It allows Nature to sleep
To rejuvenate. To prepare
For the frantic activity of a new year.

Cold frost returns each night
Putting the weak warmth of day to flight
We shiver round fires
Fighting against the chill
Hoping an arrow from Spring’s quiver

Will strike Winter’s heart
So the once again Life may start
As we sing, dance and run
In the gentle warmth of Spring’s Sun.