De Doorns in Autumn

Written by: Patrick Maitland

A new day at De Doorns begins
With dew-laden leaves glistening in the sun.
The mist slowly lightens, and starts to clear
When the warmth of the Sun brightens the air.

The colours of May will your eyes amaze
With bright, earthy hues greeting your gaze.
Colours of yellow, and orange changing to red
Colours of brown, from leaves that are dead.

Homesteads, gracious among the vines,
Stand white-faced, against the long red lines
Of leaves, playing hide and seek with a Sun
That is much weaker, now Autumn’s begun.

Smoke from a chimney, rising grey and slow
Tickling the blue above the red Autumn glow.
Mountains of granite, dull rugged grey,
Holding slumbering vines prey.

As the eye sweeps the valley from left to right
The colours of autumn enthral the sight.
Although sad, when we go away
We know Nature’s glory will return each May