Coversations in a garden

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Good Morning Everybody.
I’m Mr. Tree
I’m so tall you can all
Look up to me.

I say Miss Rose, you’re looking fabulous today
But there’s a man coming your way
With a sharp secateur
And I fear
You’ll soon be gone
To display your charm
In some far off city.
It’s such a pity
You could not stay
For one more day.

Hello Mr. Grass.
Your hair is past its prime
It hasn’t been cut for a very long time.
Tell me, when you get a trim
Do you feel anything?

Mr. Cactus
Don’t you think you need a shave?
No one likes you full of spikes.
If you had a nice smooth skin
Many friends you could win.

Oh! Oh! Mr Weed
You should not have grown from that seed
They’re coming with a spray gun
When they pull the trigger you’ll be gone.

Look out Mr Fern
It’s your turn
Your family’s too big and wild
You should only have had one child
You’re in trouble
It’s a shame, but you’ve got yourself to blame
When they clean up your spread, you won’t be around
They’ll yank you out of the ground

Mr. Tree! Mr. Tree!
You’ll soon be feeling quite raw.
We hear the roar of a big chain saw
They’ll cut you up
And bring you down to size
Right before our eyes