Crystal Glasses

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Crystal Glasses on display, so elegant and nice
Have never been filled, not even once or twice.
Why we have them, I am confused
There is no reason, if they are never used.

Maybe the King and Queen to dinner might stay
Then we would use them on that special day.
Maybe our children will inherit when life passes;
And drink their wine from crystal glasses

Maybe they’ll be sold, in an auction lot
Some shack dweller might wonder what he’s got.
And when it’s raining hard, and the leaking does not stop
Crystal glasses will be used to catch the water drop

But all I’ve said is not quite true, for when my wife is fast asleep
Into the lounge to pour a drink, I quietly creep.
Each night I use a different glass, the wine, the liqueur, the sherry
For when a cat is not around, the mice make merry