We the Homeless

Written by: Chuck Keys

The lessons of life remind me, 
the lack of substance, 
birth and rebirth without relevance or depth
death to some, “who cares”
life to others, “who cares”
meaningless unspoken voices echoing back and forth
up and down, upside down
change we can't; we won't
hearts locked in cold
it's ok to be without, “get a job you bum”
empty innards inside - cold empty spaces outside
cold, heat, starvation,
pain and death, 
pointless ill-defined life,
human beings as acceptable losses, “heaven forbid”
heatless minds accept
heart-filled minds don’t. 

This work is dedicated to the ill dressed, soiled, bearded, smoking, scraggly maybe once proud and loving individual, holding his “homeless” sign in his hand begging for money - as I hurriedly exited the freeway this morning, who I ignored – actually hid from.  Have I become what I dislike in others?  Hope not.