No Hope-- no Grace --juste make believe

Written by: Leonard Taormina


Popeye blew his smoke screen;
Trying to take away a favorite girl
And the man must consider asking== Popeye;
 Just what is it exactly that’s in that spinach?
 Has it fermented or maybe you just lost your mind little man.
     Then with his best Irish baroque Popeye becomes a leprechaun;
     As if maybe the luck of the Irish might be enough to;
     Get to this fine specimen of womanhood.
     One thing for sure he’s going to need a hell of a lot more money;
     Maybe he ought to spend his time looking for that illusive pot of gold first.
Spinach breath goes on about how lucky the man is and;
How much he wishes he could be like him.
And the woman she’s thinking when I dance with a man;
I like to put my head on a man’s shoulders not rest my chin on his head.
And so it must go coming from the shire yet searching in the clouds.