International Family Day

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

A house without an inch of warmth
A house without a ray of sun
A house without a shrill laugh
A house where nobody voices out a pun
Such a house can never be a home!

Home Sweet Home, There is no place like Home,
Such a comforting tone carried in such a note
As at today's date, it can be seen as ghostwrote
For a Home is no longer sweet, but a sour dome
Selfish are its residents, proud and aimless as well

No more are the members loving and caring
No more do they work and play while dancing
No more do they talk and laugh while singing
No more do they read and write while hugging
No more do they share and fight while enjoying

Rather, they tend to sleep and eat alone
Such a trend is common and fashionable
Nor is it taken as the abominable
Neither is it seen as condemnable
For the hidden eyes of the devil, it is not so enviable!

Worthy beings full of imagining
Pray, do change these unworthy visioning
Pray, do not hurt your families' heartlings
Be seen as the enlightened pearls with meanings
And carry forth this message for families in faking!