Varsity Reunion

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Reunion, Reunion I have to go
To meet those friends I used to know.
And talk about the days gone by
When we were young with spirits high.

But, all I found was a money speech
Asking for me to reach deeply
Into my pocket for Dollars, or Pounds.
The amount they wanted had no bounds.

With speeches long and thirst so strong
The glass was dry, when toasts came along.
With glasses raised and wine no more
We sucked the vapour to its core.

While standing listening with a wandering mind
I looked once more to find a friend

There she stood with long blonde hair
I could not help but stop and stare.
A figure slim, and breasts that call
Enough to make me crawl a wall.

She turned, our eyes met
My heart soared like a fighter jet.
I turned away to catch my breath
My lungs had stopped, I was near death.

When I looked back, she was gone
Where she’d been, there was no one

I scurried dazed without much grace
My soul now captured in a nostalgic chase.
Her name. Her name. I must find her name
I was now a player in the courting game

Quickly reading the guest list
I came across the girl I’d missed.
Then paging through my memory’s blur
I thought of how I had remembered her.

Thin scraggly hair, a pimply wimp
With glasses horned, she looked a shrimp.
A pathetic picture, I now recall
The lonely wallflower of the Rag Ball 

Why in my youth was it hard to know
An ugly duckling into a swan might grow?
Or a creepy caterpillar worm
Into a butterfly would turn?

Why did I treat her so mean?
Why had I not seen her beauty?

I must apologise and admit my shame
For my role played in youth’s cruel game!
I’ll tell her now I am glad we met
She taught me lessons I won’t forget.

I’ll tell her that never again
Will I say a word that brings pain.
I’ll always make low spirits raise
With words of hope and heartfelt praise.

Some days later we finally met
Just as she was boarding her private jet.
As her handsome companion opened the door,
She told me sweetly “You are such a bore”