The car won't start

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Hello Dear!
I’m phoning to tell you
The car won’t start.
What must I do?
Don’t ask me such a silly technicality
I don’t know if I turned the key.

Why can’t you tell me what is wrong
Why do you have to go on and on,
Asking about trivial details
Of possible reasons why the starting fails.

The Car won’t start.

You should know
What I must do
To get it to go
To come back quickly to you.

Say Girls, I think we are in the wrong car
There’s my car not far away.
It started first time
Now that we are in this car of mine.

Husbands are no bloody use;
If you ask them for help
They make every excuse.
He should have known why
My car won’t start.