Princess Rose

Written by: Caleb Smith

There once was a princess
Who lived all alone
Atop a cloud in the sky
She called it her home

Her face was the fairest
Her hair like a river
But her heart, it was empty
For love...none could give her

So she sat there and waited
All her grief there she kept
But the years, they passed slowly
Until one day she wept

Her tears fell like rain
From heaven above
And carried inside them
Her sorrow and love

In a far-away land
In a desert, it would seem
There came a young prince
In search of his dream

He was tired and parched
He'd been riding for years
But lo, here was rain
The princess's tears

And as the rain touched his face
His heart gave a leap
He felt it inside him
A love he would keep

So as the last drop fell down
Landing in the sand
The prince touched that one spot
With an unsteady hand

And to his surprise
For in the desert...what grows?
Up from the ground
Sprang a beautiful rose

But he did not dare pick it
It was the princess you see
So he gave it a kiss
And the kiss set her free

He rode away stricken
With love and with pain
Because she couldn't come with him
This rose from the rain

So each year he came back
To visit her there
This rose of the desert
His princess so fair

*The rose of the desert represents the lonely princess