Old Age Pills

Written by: Patrick Maitland

Pills, Pills, Pills
For all my aches and all my ills.
Many shapes, and lots of sizes
Can fight any sickness that arises.

Some are big, and some are small.
It does not matter I take them all.
Colours also help me know
Which one makes my illness go.

The one that’s large and coloured green
Thins my blood and cleans my spleen.
Without the one that’s coloured red
My heart would stop and I’d be dead.

I know the one that is light brown
Perks me up when I feel down.
And if I’d had too much to drink
I take the one that’s coloured pink.

When I get up, I take a few
And after breakfast, some more too.
More at tea, and more at lunch
All day I must these darn pills munch

Some days however I get confused
I can’t remember which I’ve used.
My health would fail if I forgot
So to be sure, I take the lot.

And so it is we all get old
Though we thought it would never be.
And if today you are young and bold
Tomorrow you’ll be ill and take pills like me